About Rob

Rob-BrittRob was born and raised in Delaware where he met his wife, Brittany, during their senior year of high school and have been together ever since. Rob worked in the legal field and financial services before he pursued his interest in public service by running for State Representative of the 4th district. Although their team ultimately came up short, he continued his commitment to service by staying active in his community.

As the current President of the Delaware Avenue Community Association, member of Wilmington’s 8th District Neighborhood Planning Council, and council member of the 1401 Homeowner’s Association, Rob works hand-in- hand with the community to improve overall quality of life. Some of his work includes:

  • Teaming with legislators to add additional street lighting for public safety.
  • Ensuring utility companies sufficiently repave roads and repair sidewalks they work on.
  • Working with the community to restore Conaty Park.

Rob currently works for the Senate Republic Caucus as a Legislative Assistant to Minority Whip & State Senator Greg Lavelle and State Senator Catherine Cloutier. With constituent service being his primary role, he has gained valuable experience and contacts that will help him guide you through the bureaucracy of government. His other duties include proposing public policy ideas and drafting legislation. Some notable policies he helped to create or influence are:

If elected to City Council, Rob will work with our new mayor and city council to shed Wilmington’s bad reputation and help to create better opportunities in all communities.