As a civic leader and through my work in the state senate, I know the importance of working well with others to get results. That’s why it’s critical that, since there must be one minority party member on council, we elect the right Republican who can work with others. The ideas below are non-partisan and have been supported by both Republicans and Democrats in cities across the country.

  • Responsiveness & Constituent Service
    • Working With Our Next Mayor To Ensure Each Department Has A Council Liaison Who Responds To Constituent Issues And Questions Promptly
    • Utilize My Constituent Service Experience To Help Residents Navigate All Levels Of Government (Federal, State, County, and City)
    • Ensuring Utility Companies Repave And Repair The Roads And Sidewalks They Work On
    • Currently Holding Monthly Open Forum Coffee Meetings To Give You Face To Face Access And Will Continue If Elected
  • Economic Development & Budget
    • Enabling Worker-Owned Co-Ops Targeted At The Most Economically Depressed Commumities
    • Creating Sector Panels Partnering With The Private Sector To Identify And Address Workforce Training Opportunities
    • Investigate Moving To A Split-Rate Property Tax As Other Small Cities Have Done To Spur Growth
    • Helping To Establish A More Open And User-Friendly Procurement Process For Small Businesses To Compete
    • Working With Our Next Mayor To Address Deficiencies In Our Budget
    • Pushing For The Negotitation Of Expired Contracts So We Aren’t Wasting Tax Dollars
  • Public Safety
    •  Short-Term: Pushing For Community Policing As Outlined In The WPSSC Report
    • Long-Term: Implementing Policies Proven To Reduce Poverty And Provide Jobs (Some Noted Above)

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